Valve failure can be a significant problem – for example, in the oil and gas industry, the UK’s Health and Safety Executive reports that 41 valve problems examined caused an average of 100 lost production hours each, with the most severe case suspending production for 700 hours – costing Millions of Dollars. Further, valve failures have been linked to a number of fatalities and serious injuries – including:

  • A discharge valve on a LPG sphere at a Feyzin, France refinery froze and a large quantity of LPG vapors released resulting in a fire that killed 19 people; and
  • In 2000, a valve on an Ammonia tanker in Jiande city, Zhejiang, China burst, spilling the ammonia and injuring 13 people and exposing 12 construction workers.

As the world’s first rapid replacement industrial valve, the Enston Cartridge Valve will deliver significant financial benefits to the industrial pipeline industries through:

  • Little or no disruption to process operations;
  • Significant lower total expenditure over the lifetime of the assets;
  • Enhanced health and safety benefits for the workforce;
  • Lower cost maintenance; and
  • Pipeline digitization through the ability to accommodate instrumentation enabling data transfer from pipelines; which will be captured and processed through the Industrial Internet of Things.

One of the key attractions for future customers of the Enston Cartridge Valve system is that the change over from the current outdated 200-year-old design conventional valves can be gradual as our system is totally compatible with the conventional system and replacements can occur when current valves fail.