Society Benefits



The impact of valve failures is significant for consumers – including:

When conventional valves located below ground a road excavation may become necessary, which incurs disruption and cost to both the industrial end-users and the general public – resulting in the Social Costs of more than £5.5bn per annum from disruption in the UK Water industry alone; and

Significant Environmental Costs associated with the “throw-away” conventional industrial valve – not only in their inability to be re-used or recycled, but also in the carbon footprint associated with traffic queues caused by disruptive excavations.

The Enston Cartridge Valve will address these issues through having a lower carbon footprint than conventional industrial valves as most of the valve components can be recycled and effective alignment with Society’s aspirations for reduced social costs by reducing disruption from road excavations.It is ideally positioned for the “Circular Economy” of the 21st Century.