Our revolutionary approach is to separate the serviceable valve components from the valve body and encapsulate them within a removable cartridge. This means all the valve components can be quickly removed, serviced and replaced without having to remove the valve body from the pipeline. The unique selling point of the Enston Cartridge Valve is therefore our ability to change the cartridge under full line pressure in a fraction of the time it takes to replace a conventional valve at a fraction of the cost.



 In the 21st century exponential changes are occurring in all process industries, changes that require a re-think of technologies that have existed for two hundred years and continue to be used today.

The Enston Cartridge Valve has delivered a revolutionary new industrial valve that has been successfully designed, installed and field tested with Severn Trent Water and Wessex Water in the UK Water industry to demonstrate successful proof of concept – to the point that we are now ready to progress to development of our market ready product range.

Until now, the maintenance and/or replacement of faulty valves has required time consuming and very costly shut down of the fluid flow in the plant or process involved. The Enston Cartridge Valve, being the first ever industrial valve to be able to be changed under full pipeline pressure, is ideally suited to the development for, and introduction to, the global valve industry.


Intelligent valve applications PTE Ltd has the exclusive global licence and is looking to fund the commercialization of the Intellectual Property of the patent protected Enston Cartridge Valve system – patents have been granted in the UK and have entered the international stage in other key industrialized markets. The disruptive technology of this IP has the potential to ultimately have a deep penetration into the US$100 billion global valve industry – with an addressable sales market penetration for the Company of up to US$25 billion per annum. Based on our success in the UK Water industry, this will be one Company’s initial target markets as we leverage our current success within this US$13 billion market.


 The Enston Cartridge Valve

Will revolutionize the pipeline industry as our customers will no longer require fluid flow, plant or process shutdown when valves need to be maintained or replaced. This benefit will be attractive to a wide range of industries globally due to the considerable savings on total operating costs, reduced downtime and consequent significant profit improvements they will be able to achieve through their adoption of our system.

Further, the Enston Cartridge Valve represents a major sea-change that will allow our customers to achieve cost effective pipeline valve management through easily accommodating instrumentation and sensor technology enabling data from pipelines to be monitored, captured and processed through the Industrial Internet of Things – thereby, Digitising Pipeline Industries.

The technology of our valve and its housing facilitates the incorporation of sensors to cost effectively turn “dumb” distribution networks into Digitally Intelligent networks that, for example, in the Water Industry can measure turbidity, pressure, flow rate and detect leaks amongst other parameters.

Key data applicable to other Pipeline Industries can also be readily captured. Further, if portable instrumentation is needed to be deployed to gather network intelligence, or to insert a cartridge for pipeline isolation purposes, it will be possible for network operators to incorporate strategically placed Enston Cartridge valve housings into new network infrastructure so that they can install an Enston Smart Cartridge Valve cartridge within minutes, where required, to effectively monitor their pipeline performance.

This will provide a significant opportunity for the Company as it positions the Enston Smart Cartridge Valve to gain market share from competitors at a time when it is estimated the IIoT could add up to US$14 trillion to the global economy by 2030.