The iVapps Cartridge Valve

The iVapps Cartridge Valve

Every year billions of pounds are spent maintaining and repairing defective industrial valves in multiple industries, costly road excavations and pipeline shutdowns.  Access is often very difficult for maintenance or repair and valves are often installed under road surfaces. These costly repairs have a huge social and environmental impact on society and the planet.

Intelligent Valve Applications (iVapps) have engineered a solution to this problem; a first in the Industrial valve industry.

“The Revolution Begins”

A type of industrial valve, one that can be serviced without shutting down the pipeline and without excavating any road surfaces, and all this can be done in under 10 minutes, which leads to:

Less Disruption

Little or no disruption to process operations, enabling substantial cost benefits for multiple markets

Lower Cost Maintenance

Lower cost maintenance for the entire product life.

Lower Total Expenditure

Significant lower total expenditure over the lifetime of the assets

Enhanced Health & Safety

Enhanced health and safety benefits for the workforce

Lower Carbon Footprint

Lower carbon footprint as most of the valve components are recycled

Pipeline Digitisation

Pipeline digitisation through the ability to accommodate instrumentation enabling data transfer from pipelines; which will be captured and processed through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

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We’ve been nominated at the
Wales Start-Up Awards 2020