We have developed comprehensive standard operating procedures and methodology statements in conjunction with a safety and training programme for users of the iVapps Cartridge Valve.

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How it works

Currently, before a conventional valve can be replaced, industry engineers need to undertake significant planning due to the need to shut down process/end-user pipelines, which results in significant inconvenience and disruption to processes and end-users at significant costs. In an emergency where no planning was foreseen the shut down costs significantly escalate.

The iVapps Cartridge Valve

Our revolutionary approach is to separate the serviceable valve components from the valve body and encapsulate them within a removable cartridge.

All the valve components can be quickly removed, serviced and replaced without having to remove the valve body from the pipeline. Whilst this already offers many advantages on its own, the second unique selling point of the iVapps Cartridge Valve is the ability to make this change under full line pressure in a fraction of the time it takes to replace a conventional valve. Given the costs and disruption from valve replacement, our technology has the potential to revolutionise the use of valves across a range of industries.

The operation of the iVapps Cartridge Valve, using the unique service delivery system – which has been successfully undertaken by the Company’s service delivery team in less than ten (10) minutes, is as shown in this video.