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Industrial Valves

The effective management of the flow of liquids has been an important part of civilisation for thousands of years involving significant capital and labour expenses. The advent of the industrial revolution two hundred and fifty years ago introduced the flow of liquids and gases in pipes under pressure using mechanical pumps and valves.

In the 21st century exponential changes are occurring in all process industries, changes that require a re-think of technologies that have existed for hundreds of years and continue to be used today.

Design Limitations

The iVapps Cartridge Valve Solution

The iVapps Cartridge Valve is a major mechanical engineering breakthrough that will revolutionise the pipeline industry as our customers will no longer require fluid flow, plant or process shutdown when valves need to be maintained or replaced . This benefit will be attractive to a wide range of industries globally due to the considerable savings on total operating costs, reduced downtime and consequent significant profit improvements.

Feedback from Market Research

“… a very interesting product and I would pitch the valve to Chevron, BP and Shell first. They would be interested as there is nothing currently on the market that can do this. They would pay a premium …”

MRC Global

“ … product seems interesting. All markets have areas where highly engineered valves are needed. Downstream oil and gas and petrochemical would be good markets to target.“

Powell Valves

“Demand for this product is going to be driven from the end users, and it’s going to be an operations and maintenance issue. They’re going to say, ‘This is wonderful because it’s so easy to swap out.’”

Woley Parsons

“Anytime you can service the line without having to de-energize it, that is a definite benefit. I think people would be interested … based on total price.”

Syracuse University Physical Plant

“We are very interested in this product for the therminol valves that need to be replaced.”

Ascend Performance Materials


The testing regime undertaken by the UK water companies has confirmed the Company’s Proof of Concept and its Unique Value Proposition  as the iVapps Cartridge Valve has, for the first time ever,  in the more than two-hundred-year history of the industrial valve been changed under pressure  several times since their installation in early 2015.

In addition to this unique feature, the iVapps Cartridge Valve represents a major sea-change  that will allow our customers to achieve cost effective pipeline valve management through easily accommodating instrumentation enabling data from pipelines to be captured and processed through the Industrial Internet of Things – thereby, Digitising Pipeline Solutions .


Smart Cartridge Valve

The UNIQUENESS of the Smart Cartridge Valve is its ability to transmit multi-sensor data streams from the instrument itself through a connection to the internet via the mobile phone network or WI-FI. This redefines “Smart Valves” as the cartridges are interchangeable and available with various combinations of sensors as required by end users. The Smart Cartridge Valve is a key enabler of Industry 4.0 within the valve industry.